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Holy Royal Arch

         Earlham Chapter APGP to APGP

         E.Comp Elliott Chevin (APGP) was delighted to present Arthur Lucas
         (APGP) with a cheque towards the Festival 2022 on Thursday 17th May at
         Chingford Masonic Hall.

         The cheque was presented on behalf of all the members of Earlham Chapter
         and gave the Chapter Vice Grand Patron Status, a great achievement so
         early in the Festival.                                                                   (left) E.Comp
                                                                                                  Arthur Lucas
         The members and visitors also witness a superb exaltation of Comp.
         Richard Spencer, a member of Earlham Lodge.                                              (right) E.Comp
                                                                                                  Elliott Chevin

        Grey Friars Chapter 5169

                                              On Monday 23rd April, E Comp Ian Simpson, PAGDC, APGP, presented the
                                              Chapter with a Patron's Certificate in recognition of their contribution so far to the
                                              Festival 2022 Appeal.

                                              E Comp Simpson congratulated the Companions, this being only the third full
                                              Patron's certificate to be awarded to a Royal Arch chapter since the Festival 2022
                                              Appeal was started.  He very much looked forward to returning in the near future
                                              to present a Grand Patron's award.
                                              E Comp Simpson (on the left) with E Comps Paul Pitt, H,
                                              Graeme Lockwood, MEZ, and Martin Lee, J.

                  Roding Chapter No. 3090 75th Anniversary Celebration

                                                              On Thursday 12th April 2018 at Loughton Masonic Centre,
                                                              Roding Chapter 3090 celebrated their 75th Anniversary

                                                              On this joyful occasion the chapter was honoured by the
                                                              attendance of E. Comp. Cliff Thoms Dept. Grand Supt. E. Comp.
                                                              Clive Rees 2nd Prov. Grand Principal, E. Comp. Philip Campbell
                                                              3rd Prov. Grand Principal accompanied by other members of
                                                              the Provincial Executive and E. Comp. Geoff Turpin Prov.G.D.C.
                                                              Following      the
                                                              induction of E. Comp.
                                                              O.D.  Bullman  into
                                                              the  1st  Principals
                                                              Chair the Provincial
                                                              Grand     Stewards
                                                              Demonstration Team
                                                              presented  "   The
                                                              Royal Arch in Cam-
                                                              era  -  Your Chapter  in
                                                              Focus" which was received with applause by the companions.
                                                              E.Comp. Oliver D. Bullman presented the Dept. Grand
                                                              Superintendent with a cheque towards the 2022 Festival. The
                                                              Dept. Grand Superintendent presented the Chapter with a
                                                              framed certificate on achieving Patron status

                                                                        Have you taken your Next Step?

                                                              Find out more about becoming a Royal Arch Mason and
                                                                              complete the story.

                                                            Each Lodge in the Province of Essex has a Royal Arch Rep,
                                                              get him to bring you to the next Royal Arch Seminar at
                                                                         Colchester Masonic Hall
                                                                          Monday 5th November

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