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Young Freemasons

                           Churches Homeless Emergency Support Scheme

                                     One of the objectives of the Cornerstone Club is to help promote a sense of charity and
                                     community amongst our members and on Saturday 7th April the Essex Cornerstone Club
                                     embarked  on  its  first  volunteering  project  of  the  year  for  Churches  Homeless  Emergency
                                     Support Scheme (CHESS). CHESS seeks to relieve homelessness, hardship and distress
                                     amongst single adults in Chelmsford and across Essex. They do this through the provision of
                                     support services and temporary accommodation that helps those in need move on with their

                                                  The aim of the day was to assist with the clearing of gardens and driveways
                                                  that had become overgrown at the head office and to help decorate and clear
                                                  the gardens at one of the temporary homes in the centre of town. We quickly
                                                  split into two teams and got to work!
                                                  Barbara Buxton, CHESS Business Support Manager, explained to the
                                                  volunteers how volunteering for jobs like these helps save the charity money,
                                                  money that can now be spend on more of the core services that they provide
                                                  to the community.
                                                  Thank you to the 12 Essex Cornerstone members who gave up their time for
                                                  this great cause, also a special mention to those Masons outside of the club
                                                  who came along too.

                     Going International Frère
                        he club continues to grow with our membership now at over 150 members and it has been great seeing a lot
                     Tof fresh faces at events this year. We are only half way through the year and have a number of great activities
                     coming up.

                     The Cornerstone Club this summer will once again be going international! After the success of our trip to Scotland
                     last year we are heading to the European continent with a trip to France. The sunny seaside Town of Le Touquet
       in Northern France is home to Le Touquet Loge no. 89 under the Grand Loge Nationale Francaise (G.L.N.F) who have invited us
       to visit and experience Freemasonry in the Province of Flanders. The lodge has a strong connection with Essex and has welcomed
       many members and guests from our Province over the years.

       For full details of all our upcoming events check out our website or see our Facebook page.

                                 Committee Update

                                      With the Changes announced during the members’ dinner at The Ivy, our committee
                                      now has a new line up:

                                      Jack Gilliland - Chairman                 Jack Saunders - Communications
                                      Reiss Duthie - President                  Barry Hayward - Communications
                                      Richard de la Plain - Deputy Chairman     Jonathan Glynn - Secretary
                 Join Today                                                     Jon McDonald - Treasurer

                                                                                   Jack Gilliland with the R.W. Provincial
        If you’re a mason who is 37 years or under, why                            Grand Master Rodney Lister Bass OBE.
        not join!                                                                                             16


                                                          find out more.

              @youngmasonsclub                               essexcornerstoneclub

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