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Long Service

        W.Bro Melville Goodchild                                                                50

        50 Years in Freemasonry
                                                      He was appointed the Foreign Representative for the Grand Lodge of
                                                      Slovakia at the Grand Lodge of Ireland in December 2013.

                                                      Mel was awarded the rank of Past Pursuivant in March 2017. Members
                                                      of Thundersley Lodge were also honored with the presence of MW Bro
                                                      Douglas T Grey, the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of AF&A Masons
                                                      of Ireland and his Grand Secretary R.W.Bro Derek Moffatt. “

                                                      (left)  Certificate  being  presented  by  the  APGM  with  the  WM  W  Bro.
                                                      Ken Berry looking on. (below) Mel and his guests, including the Grand
                                                      Master of Ireland and his Grand Secretary, as well as the APGM, his DC
                                                      and the WM of Thundersley Lodge. The photographs were taken by Bro
                                                      Stephen Hodder of Thundersley Lodge and should be credited to his
                                                      screen Stephen Hawke, i.e. “Photo Credits Stephen Hawke”. Please let
                                                      me know if you have any queries.

              Bro. Reverend Martin Howse, APGM on his
        W  first  official  visit  presented  on  behalf  of  the
        PGM a 50 year Certificate to W Bro. Mel Goodchild
        on 24th May 2018.
        Mel was initiated into Thundersley Lodge No. 5225
        in March 1968 but was unable to pass through the
        Officers’ ranks of Thundersley Lodge due to his work
        commitments. The majority of his Masonic career has
        taken place in Dublin under the Irish Constitution,
        where he has been in the Chair in Victoria Lodge IV
        (2004 and 2005) and Skillet & Trowel Lodge (2009).

                                                                   W.Bro. Ashley

                                                                       Receives 50th
                                                          Anniversary Certificate

                                                       On Monday 30th April 2018 Southchurch Hall
                                                       Lodge No.8005 celebrated their Installation
                                                       meeting and was pleased to receive W.Bro.
                                                       Ken Montgomery APGM, who was making
                                                       an official visit to the Lodge. While present at the meeting, W.Bro.
                                                       Ken Montgomery was pleased to present W.Bro. Ashley Hitchcock
                                                       PPGSwdB with a 50th anniversary certificate.

                                                       W.Bro. Ashley Hitchcock is currently the secretary of Southchurch Hall
                                                       Lodge and was supported on his special day by many members and

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