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70 Years in Freemasonry 70
         Long Service

                                    W.Bro Jack Bookless

                                  W.Bro. Jack Bookless PPJGW, being presented with his
                                  certificate for 70 years meritorious service to Freemasonry,
                                  by W.Bro. Laurie Justice PSGD, APGM, in his last act as
                                  APGM of the William of Colchester Lodge 5255. Jack was
                                  Initiated into the Irish Constitution, before becoming a
                                  joining member of the William of Colchester Lodge in 1971.
                                  Jack is pictured with W.Bro Laurie Justice, and two of his
                                  nephews from the Irish Constitution, who made the journey,
                                  to complete a most memorable evening for Jack.

              Triple Anniversary at St. Osyth’s Priory Lodge No.2063

       W.Bro Tony White PSGD on one of his first official visits as APGM presents 60 year Certificate of being a Freemason, plus two 50
       years certificates at Colvin Memorial Temple, Clacton-on-Sea.

        W.Bro Ian Gibson received a       W.Bro Norman Good with a framed               W.Bro   Maurice   Tarling
        Framed Certificate of 60 years    Certificate of 50 years in Freemasonry.       received a framed Certificate
        service to Freemasonry.                                                         of 50 years service to
                                          During the presentation, the APGM gave        Freemasonry.
        W.Bro Tony White gave a short     a short resume of the personal history
        testimony of the personal         and  Masonic career of  Norman.  He was       The APGM gave a brief
        history and Ma- sonic career      presented with a letter from Rodney Bass      testimony of the personal
        of Ian who had been Initiated     OBE. the R.W. Provincial Grand Master.        history  and  Masonic  career
        into our lodge on the 17th                                                      of Maurice, who was Initiated
        Jan  1964  and  was  Worshipful   Norman expressed his thanks to W.Bro.         on  the  17th  November  1967
        Master  in  October  1976.  He    Peter Harris in particular for the excellent   He was also presented with a
        was presented with a letter       work in conducting the research W.Bro.        letter from Rodney Bass OBE
        from Rodney Bass OBE the          Tony White PSGD presented. Three senior       the Provincial Grand Master.
        Provincial Grand Master. Ian      members of Norman's previous lodges,          Maurice also expressed his
        expressed his thanks and          honoured Norman with their surprise visit     appreciations and honour
        honour of being a member of       to this very special occasion, W.Bro. Ian     at being a Freemason and a
        the Lodge for so many years.      Cobban, and  W.Bro. Richard  Frood of  St.    member of St. Osyth’s Lodge
                                          Andrew’s Lodge No. 803 and W.Bro. Peter       No 2963 Lodge.
                                          Thomas of Audley Lodge No. 7281

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