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Long Service

                              60 and       W.Bro. Ron Brand                                   60
                             not out
                                           60 Years in Freemasonry

                                          December 17, 30 Brethren and guests gathered at their Bagshaw Lodge’s Christmas
                                          Meeting in Loughton to celebrate W.Bro. Ron Brand’s 60th Anniversary in Freemasonry.
                                          The meeting coincided with Ron’s 87th Birthday, so it was a double celebration.

                                          APGM, W.Bro Neil Beverley, honoured the meeting and presented Ron with a special
                                          Scroll, as well as a limited edition “pin” to wear on his lapel.   He recalled also attending
                                          Ron’s 50th Anniversary meeting, and said that he hoped that the two scrolls would
                                          always take pride of place on the mantelpiece.
           (left) W.Bro Neil Beverley APGM
               (right) W.Bro Ron Brand

                                        W.Bro. Frank Sharp
                                        50 Year Certificate

                                        On the 17th March 2018, the members and guests of Belfairs Lodge No.4730, were
                                        honoured by the presence of the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Rodney Lister
                                        Bass, OBE, along with members of the Provincial Executive.

                                        On this date 50 years ago, W Bro Frank Sharp, PJGD, ProvSGW, had been initiated into
                                        Belfairs Lodge by his father-in-law, W.Bro Bertie Cross, and in recognition of W.Bro Frank
                                        achieving 50 years in Freemasonry, the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master was
                                        pleased to present him with a Certificate of Meritorious Service. In addition to receiving
                                        the  Certificate,  the  members of Belfairs Lodge  also  presented  W.Bro  Frank with  an
                                        engraved crystal decanter and an engraved heavy maul.
                                        The maul had been turned on a lathe by W.Bro Danny Lowry and engraved with the
                                        names of the Lodge members by W.Bro Brian Catt - both of whom are members of
                                        Belfairs Lodge.
          (left) R.W.Bro Rodney Lister Bass
             (right) W.Bro Frank Sharp

                                                                   W.Bro Roy Luckett
       Basildon Lodge 7798
                                                                   50 Years In Freemasonry

                                                  asildon Lodge had cause for celebration at its regular meeting on 26th
                                               The  Lodge  was  honoured  by  an  official  visit  by  the  Provisional  Grand  Master,
                                               R.W.Bro Rodney Lister Bass OBE and Assistant Provisional Grand Master W.Bro
                                               John Davies PSGD.
                                               The Worshipful Master Michael Howes conducted the ceremony of raising Bro
                                               Daniel Mahoney to the Second Degree following which a cheque for £1,000 was
                                               presented to the APGM for Festival 2022.
                                               The highlight of the occasion was the
                                               presentation of a certificate to W.Bro Roy
                                               Luckett, by the RW Provisional Grand
                                               Master, in recognition of Roy’s 50 years in
                                               Freemasonry. Roy was also presented with
                                               a rose bowl by the Lodge.
                                               Further  congratulations  were  made  to
                                               APGM John Davies and Basildon Lodge’s
        guest organist W. Bro D W Sharp who have also recently achieved 50 years in Freemasonry.
        The meeting concluded with a very enjoyable Burns Night Festive Board

        (above) Provisional Grand Master, R.W. Bro Rodney Lister Bass OBE and Assistant Provisional
        Grand Master W. Bro John Davies PSGD alongside W.Bro Roy Luckett.

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