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Holy Royal Arch

                                   Essex First Grand Principals

                              he   acceptance by  the ME  Second  Grand
                           TPrincipal, ME Comp Russell Race DL, of the
                           invitation by  the  MEGS,  E.Comp  Rodney  Bass
                           OBE, to be the honoured guest of the Chapter on
        19 April 2018, was a highly significant event for Essex masonry, and to
        have received his address entitled “The Future of the Craft and Royal
        Arch in tandem”.

        At the convocation of Essex First Principals Chapter 3256 on 19 April
        2018, the ME Second Grand Principal, ME Comp Russell John Race DL
        attended  as  an  honoured  guest  of  the  Chapter.    His  address  entitled
        “The Future of the Craft and the Royal Arch in tandem” emphasised the
        4-stage masonic journey as a seamless thread from Initiation in the Craft
        to Exaltation in the Royal Arch, acknowledging that different personal
        circumstances of Brethren meant that this masonic journey is slower for
        some than for others.  In answering questions, the ME Second Grand
        Principal observed that a mason’s commitment to masonry is greater if
        that person is also a member of the Royal Arch.

        The MEGS thanked the ME Second Grand Principal for his excellent
        address, and noted that in Essex, Royal Arch membership is rising whilst
        membership  numbers  in  the  Craft  remain  generally  flat,  and  that  the
        quality of candidates into the RA depends largely on the quality of intake
        into the Craft.  The MEGS presented two “Chair Books” to the ME Second Grand Principal and to his GStB as tokens of the
        Chapter’s appreciation of his talk, which was warmly applauded by the 187 Companions present.  At the following Festive Board,
        ME Comp Russell Race thanked the Companions for the warm welcome shown to him and to his Grand Standard Bearer, and
        gratefully received a personal boxed gift of Glenfiddich from the Chapter.
        (All enquiries to E.Comp Ian C Marshall, Scribe E, Essex First Principals Chapter 3256 at )
                                                                 (left to right) E.Comp Jeffrey Conway (Second Principal);
                                                                 E.Comp John Robertson (First Principal); ME Comp Russell
                                                                 Race (ME Second Grand Principal), Rodney Bass OBE
                                                                 (MEGS); E.Comp Graham Larke (Acting 3rd Principal).

                                                                  FULLY EQUIPPED MASON

                                                                          TEMPLE TO HIRE

                                                                           Eastwood Road North

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                                                                        LODGE Meeting or LOI's

                                                                    Fully Equipped Kitchen and Dining Room

                                                                   This venue is also ideal for Choir Practice or
                                                                              Committee Meetings

                                                                         Contact Mrs. L. Potticary
                                                                                07771 762419

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