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Holy Royal Arch

                                                                         Essex  Provincial ssex  Provincial

                                                                             Grand Chapter rand Chapter
                                                                                     September 19’

        M.E Pro First Grand Principal Peter Geoffrey Lowndes .E Pro First Grand Principal Peter Geoffrey Lowndes
        with M.E Grand Superintendent of the Province of ith M.E Grand Superintendent of the Province of
        Essex Rodney Lister Bass ssex Rodney Lister Bass

                                                                                                          Who said
                                                                                                       Deputy DC’s
                                                   E.Comp Elliott Chevin Provincial 3rd .Comp Elliott Chevin Provincial 3rd   don’t have fun
                                                   Grand Principalrand Principal
       The Grand Superintendent thanked Cliff Thoms for his outstanding work for the Royal Arch as Deputy Grand Superintendent. His
       experience and wise counsel both in the Royal Arch and in Craft masonry has been invaluable both to The Grand Superintendent
       personally and to the Province as a whole. The Grand Superintendent went on to pay a warm tribute to Clive Rees and to Phil
       Campbell  for  their  conscientious  and diligent  work  as  Second  and Third  Provincial  Grand  Principals respectively.  The  Grand
       Superintendent remarked that Nick Franklin will be an admirable successor to Cliff, and that Phil and Elliott Chevin thoroughly
       deserve their promotions.
       The Assistants to the PGPs have also done an excellent job. Ian Simpson is stepping down as an APGP. The Grand Superintendent
       thanked him for his hard work in that role and his continuing active involvement in the Province is very much appreciated. The Grand
       Superintendent the appointed Martin Cook as APGP to succeed Ian, and David Wilson to succeed Elliott Chevin and wished them
       both well in their new roles.
       The Grand Superintendent extended his thanks to the Provincial Scribe E, Phil Lovelock and the outgoing and incoming Provincial
       Grand DCs Geoff Turpin and Joe Shearer and each of their teams for all their hard work and effort in ensuring that the Provincial;
       Grand Chapter meeting proceeded smoothly – as well as the outstanding support they give him throughout the year.
       The Royal Arch Executive has continued to develop, borrow, and produce many innovative
       initiatives around the Province, primarily designed to recruit new Exaltees and to provide
       a better understanding of The Royal Arch. With the help of The Stewards Chapter and the
       ever-improving network of Lodge Royal Arch Reps, Essex remain an active and vibrant Royal
       Arch Province. A more clearly defined and broader role for the Chapter Almoner combining
       the duties of Craft Almoner, Mentor and Membership Officer is hugely important to the
       strength and well-being of a Chapter and we will continue to work on this.
       In the long run, the overall strength of The Royal Arch depends upon the vitality of the Craft.
       The new Membership Pathway Lodges in the Craft, highlight, from the very beginning,
       the natural progression of Core Masonry from Entered Apprentice through to Royal Arch
       Companion. The Craft overall is very supportive of The Royal Arch and as this Province has
       the same Head of both organisations, it should come as no surprise that this link is being
       continually reinforced in Essex!.

       The Most Excellent  Grand

       Installed as First Principal of Essex First
       Principals Chapter No 3256

       It has been my especial pleasure and privilege this past
       year to serve as First Principal of Essex First Principals
       Chapter No 3256 and of Essex Provincial Grand
       Stewards Chapter No 8665 for which I am eternally
       grateful. Can I also pay tribute to the excellent support
       provided by several Essex Chapters to the 2022 Festival
       (as illustrated in the Report of the Committee of General
       Purposes) and to encourage others to follow their lead.
                                    by Rodney Bass  OBE
                                    Grand Superintendent
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