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                                                                   Henry de Gray Lodge 6627

                                                                                    Embrace Pathway

                                                                              enry de Gray has embraced the Membership
                                                                           HPathway  Scheme and  are  thriving  with
                                                                           Initiates (a double Initiation on the night)

                                                                           On Saturday 14th December, the Members of
                                                                           Henry de Gray Lodge made full use of Solomon
                                                                           Nuggets in their meeting with new masons
                                                                           getting actively encouraged to deliver ritual.
                                                                           A fantastic example of this was by the Inner Guard
    W.Bro Lee Taylor                          W.Bro. Stuart                Bro Jamie Barton who delivered an outstanding
    APGM                                       Allan (WM)                  rendition  of  the Charge  after  Initiation.
                 Bro. Lee Wood Bro. John Deeble          W.Bro. Jim Butcher

                                                              ESSEX PATHWAY

                                                              NOW HAS ITS OWN APP

                                                              Download our awesome new app now and
                                                              stay up to date with all the latest
                                                              Install the Essex Pathway App on your
                                                              smartphone or tablet now!

                                                              Follow these steps:
                                                              1.  Download Team App from the Apple or Google Play
                                         W.Bro Lee Taylor.Bro Lee Taylor
     W.Bro. Steve Hall.Bro. Steve Hall   W                     app store.
     Lodge Charity ge Charity
     Lod                                 A
                                                              2.  Sign up to Team App. You will be sent an email to
       A Family Affair.                                        confirm your registration.
                                                              3.  Log into the App and search for "Essex Pathway".
       Dagenham Lodge 4699                                    4.  Choose your applicable access group(s).
                                                              5.  If you don't have a smartphone go to
                                  Three    generations  at     to sign up and view this App online.
                                  Dagenham  Lodge  No  4699
                                  Daniel was Installed in to the
                                                              Need help?
                                  chair of King Solomon on    Need help?
                                                              Contact: Ray Quiddington
                                  23rd  Feb  19  with  his  father   Contact: Jack Gilliland
                                  and Grandfather present.    Email:
                                                              Phone: 07968 842839
                                                              Phone: 07931731874
       At a recent meeting in December Daniel was declared as WM
       for the ensuing year (2nd Year) with Dad and Granddad present.                         
       Pathway Initiation

       Grey Friars Lodge 5169

       Hailer Alzubaidi and Frantian Castro were initiated into GreyFriars
       Lodge 5169 via The Pathway scheme.
       Bro  Haider Alubaidi  on  the 3rd June  2019 and Bro Frantian
       Castro on 23rd September 2019 by W/Bro Tony Ackers in an
       excellent manner
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