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                                    DepPGM's Foreword

                                    Brethren, the RW ProvGM’s treatment continues and he still
                                    manages  to  represent  this  Province  at  the  meetings  of  fifteen
                                    Provinces with whom we inter-visit (both as ProvGM and again as
                                    Grand Superintendent) and to attend Lodges & Chapters that are
                                    celebrating significant meetings in the Province.
       4  ProvinciaL                                                                           P.G.Reeves.psd
                                    The ProvGAlm, W.Bro Nick Clarke and his team, and in particular, W.Bro George Young,
                                    have been working closely with Prof. Colin Booth and the prostate cancer charity CHAPS
       8 HoLy royaL arcH            to deliver screening events around the Province for the past couple of years. This year the
                                    programme has been reviewed and there will only be one large-scale event, hosted at the
                                    Essex County Cricket Ground in Chelmsford, which will be free of charge. There have been
       12 new MaSonS                a surprising number of brethren who have attended out of curiosity (who had no symptoms)
                                    and who were found to have prostate cancer. I encourage you to read W.Bro Nick’s article in
                                    this edition of the magazine and to make the effort to attend.
       14 SPeciaL Feature           As Master I look forward to welcoming thirty-three new members to Essex Masters’ Lodge
                                    when we meet on 18th February, which will bring the total membership to 942; the largest
                                    lodge in the English Constitution and probably anywhere in the world. W.Bro Mark Smith,
       16  cHarity uPdate           ProvGOrator will be treating us to a talk about the Battle of Waterloo. He weaves personal
                                    stories and so many interesting details into his talks that he truly brings the events he describes
                                    to life. I hope you take the opportunity to be there but we had a capacity attendance last
       20  aLMoner uPdateuPdate     time so please ensure you book-in with our Bro. Secretary.

                                    Finally  brethren,  as  we start a  New Year can  you  please take a  moment  to  think of a
       22  eventStS                 Brother you know who is going through treatment for cancer and other life-threatening or
                                    debilitating conditions (and who you probably keep meaning to call) and finally give them
                                    a call to catch-up and see how they are doing.
       26  additionaL orderS
                                    Paul G. Reeves, DepPGM

       29 Long Service
                                    Dear Readers,
                                    Welcome to Issue 87 of Essex Mason, the Official Magazine for the Province of Essex.
       Firstly, congratulations to all brethren who have received preferment or Provincial First Appointment.
       This issue features a report on the successful Provincial Grand Chapter Convocation held at Great Queen Street in September
       2019 at which the Province was honoured by the attendance at the Convocation of the Pro Grand First Principal Peter Geoffrey
       Lowndes; and a diverse range of interesting articles and topics including various Charity Fundraising events and Festival update,
       Pathway and a feature by the Provincial Grand Almoner Nick Clarke who reports on the various objectives and initiatives which
       he and the Provincial Almoners team will be focusing on in 2020.
       Please support the business’s that advertise in the magazine, which subsidises the publication costs and thank you for all of the
       articles submitted to be included in this issue which once again was overwhelming.
       Please submit articles to be considered for inclusion in Issue 88, which will be circulated in August to magazine@essexmason. with a copy deadline of the 31st July 2020.
       Thank you to the volunteers for their on going support to Essex Mason Ltd. as well as your patronage which is greatly appreciated
       and directly benefits Essex Charities.
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