Page 10 - Essex Mason (Issue 87) Online Version
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Holy Royal Arch

                                                      Royal Arch Tracing Boards

                                                        Chapter of True Friendship

            ost Companions can be forgiven for not knowing that there are tracing boards
        Min the Royal Arch because very few examples are known to remain in existence.
        At the convocation of the Chapter of True Friendship, No. 160 on12th November, some
        ninety Companions were present at the Rochford Masonic Centre to witness a fascinating
        and informative explanation of the tracing boards.

        The explanation was given by members of the Metropolitan Grand Stewards'
        Demonstration Team, headed by E. Comp. Simon White PGSoj, Metropolitan Grand
        In attendance was the Deputy Grand Superintendent, E. Comp. Nicholas Franklin,
        Second Provincial E. Comp. Grand Principal Phillip Campbell, Third Provincial Grand
        Principal, E. Comp. Elliott Chevin together with three APGPs.

        Also present was the Deputy Metropolitan Grand Superintendent E. Comp. Chris Clarke
        PGSN who is also a member of the Chapter of True Friendship and had facilitated the
        visit by the demonstration team.
        Royal Arch Tracing Boards have a history dating back to when UGLE was first formed
        when the Duke of Sussex, the first Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England,
        commissioned the artist John Harris to harmonise the tracing boards by creating an
        official model for each degree including the Holy Royal Arch. The rituals and explanation
        of the symbols had in the main been lost over time but have again been brought to life
        following research of examples of the Tracing Boards that are held at Freemasons Hall in
        Great Queen Street.
        The inaugural demonstration of the Royal Arch Tracing Boards had been given at the
        Clapton Chapter No. 1365 at Southgate Chapter in April this year when our very own
        Most Excellent Grand Superintendent E. Comp. Rodney Lister Bass had presided as MEZ
        of his London Chapter. The Chapter of True Friendship were very proud to have hosted
        the very first demonstration in an Essex Chapter and the evening was much enjoyed by
        all who were present.

        Look out for news of the next explanation of the tracing boards by the Metropolitan
        Grand Stewards Demonstration Team; it should definitely be experienced at least once!

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