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Boars Head Meeting
               Boars Head Meeting
              – Seven Kings Lodge
              – Seven Kings Lodge
         Lodge of Daily odge of Daily
         Advancement dvancement
         9979 979

                                                                                         Authored by W.Bro Tony Hales

       W.Bro Alan Everard Leading from the Front

       The Primus Master of the newly consecrated Lodge of Daily Advancement No 9979 W.Bro Alan Everard PSGD PAPGM
       led the way forward at the first regular meeting in Chelmsford on 1st October 2019 with his inaugural installation
       address entitled ‘The Royal Arch and the Third Degree’.
       W.Bro Alan explained how we can improve our understanding of the relationship between the Craft and the Royal Arch by taking a
       closer look at the allegorical chronology of the Order of Royal and Select Masters and Mark degrees
       and suggested some further areas of research by Lodge members for future orations.

        Degree                        Event
        Mark Degree                   Preparation of the stones for the building of the Temple.
        circa 1769
        Select Master                 Explanation of why a secret vault was needed to hide the Ark of the
        1st Royal and Select Masters Degree   Covenant and the treasures in the Temple.
        circa 1873

        Craft Third Degree            Death of Hiram Abif with Solomon declaring the Master Word to be
        circa early 18th Century      lost and orders certain substituted secrets to replace it.

        Most Excellent Master         Dedication of the Temple with the Ark of the Covenant placed in the
        3rd Royal and Select Masters Degree   most holy place.
        Super Excellent Master        380 years later Jerusalem is destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, King of
        4th Royal and Select Masters Degree   Babylon, and the people of Judah are taken into captivity.

        Excellent Master              538 BC: After 70 years in exile Cyrus and the Persians who have
        Final Royal and Select Masters   conquered Babylon let the Jews return and rebuild the Temple.
        Degree also known as ‘Passing the
        Royal Arch Exaltation         The ‘Lost Word’ is rediscovered.
        circa early 18th Century

       The meeting was well attended with 48 brethren including W.Bro Charles Elliott PJGD in his
       official capacity as APGM for the Lodge and a fine rendition of the Master’s Song was sung at the
       festive board by another APGM W.Bro the Rev Martin Howse PSGD.
       Applications for membership of the Lodge of Daily Advancement are welcomed from Master
       Masons who are also preferably Companions of the Holy Royal Arch with an interest in masonic
       research and would like to be part of a Demonstration and/or an Oration Team.
       Please  visit  or  email  Lawrie  Morrisson  at  for  more
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