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        Surprise Sir Prize

          ast  and  present  members  of  the  Provincial  Executive
       Pturned out in force on Saturday October 7th for a surprise
       visit to Tollesbury Lodge to honour the PGM, R.W.Bro Rodney
       Bass who was celebrating 40 years in Freemasonry.
       Led by the Provincial DC W.Bro Lee Taylor, the 16 member
       delegation requested entry after the opening, to the total
       amazement  of  the  PGM  who  thought  he  would  only  be
       attending a working meeting of his Mother Lodge.

                                 With almost military style precision, planned months in advance by Deputy PGM V.W.Bro Paul
                                 Reeves, the Executive gathered in nearby side roads prior to the meeting to ensure total surprise.
                                 On a need to know basis only a few selected members of Tollesbury Lodge were let into the
                                 “plot” for maximum impact.
                                 As the delegation entered the Lodge the PGM was heard to exclaim “I hope they are all paying
                                 for their own meals” as he realised that his 40 year celebration had suddenly turned into
                                 something a little bigger, but was clearly delighted with the visit.

                                 To mark the occasion Executive members had contributed to a present for the PGM of a glass
                                 cut bowl and binoculars which was presented by the Deputy to mark his 40 years and his 73rd
                                 birthday due the following Monday.

                                 The celebration continued
                                 into the Festive Board where
                                 there was one last surprise –
                                 a massive cake for a double

                                                             Round Table Lodge of Essex 8217

                                                                he Round Table Lodge of Essex celebrated their Golden
                                                             TJubilee year on the 26th September 2018 at the Hutton
                                                             Masonic Centre. Over 80 Brethren including six past and present
                                                             APGM's and one PPGM had a very enjoyable evening in the
                                                             temple and at the festive board.
                                                             R.W.Bro. Col. Sir Neil Thorne gave
                                                             a very interesting talk on, 'The past
                                                             and future of Freemasonry beyond
                                                             the Golden Jubilee of the Round
                                                             Table Lodge'. Our Worshipful Master,
                                                             W.Bro. Alan Harvey, took us on a
                                                             walk  down  memory  lane,  where  we
                                                             looked back over the past 50 years
                                                             in the Lodge and the outside world.
                                                             At the festive board, the Brethren
                                                             were entertained by W.Bro. Miki
                                                             Travis (Chelsea Lodge), who had the
                                                             audience in fits of laughter.
                                                             The Lodge had the great pleasure
                                                             of presenting a cheque to W.Bro.
                                                             Tony  White  for  the  sum  of £1000
                                                             towards the Festival 2022 appeal
                                                             and a donation was made towards
                                                             Sir Neil's chosen charity, Children in
                                                             Distress. Thanks to all our guests for
                                                             helping us celebrate a great evening
                                                             and  a  special  thanks  to  Sir  Neil
                                                             Thorne (PPGM) and to W.Bro. Tony
                                                             White (APGM).

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