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Long Service
       50               Springfield Lodge                                    Lodge of Saint Mary 1312

                        Celebrate 50 years with Cyril Mills

                                         .Bro  Cyril  Mills  PPJGW  being  presented
                                    Wwith his certificate for 50 years of loyal and
                                    dedication to the services of Freemasonry.
                                    Cyril was initiated on the 1st January 1968 at Tudor
                                    Lodge 467 in Province of East Leicestershire.
                                    Tudor Lodge was sadly erased for the register of
                                    Grand Lodge on 8th March 2006 to amalgamate
                                    to become Lodge of Friendship No. 277. Cyril was
                                    installed as Master of Tudor Lodge on 1st January   W.Bro John Davies (APGM) had a busy but
                                    1978 and Moved to Chelmsford June 1980   enjoyable evening at The Lodge of Saint Mary No
                                                                             1312 on 12 November when he presented W.Bro.
                                    Cyril  became  a  joining  member  of  Springfield   Ken Lacey with a 50 Year Certificate. Originally a
                                    Lodge  on  25th  January  2000  where  he  has  filled   London Mason, Ken joined The Lodge of Saint
                                    every progressive office except Master since joining   Mary in 1972 and has served it as Master in two
                                    Springfield. He regularly attends Meetings and GP   years. He celebrated his 93rd birthday on 16th
        W.Bro Tony       W.Bro Charles
        White (APGM)     Frost (WM)  Committee meetings and is always willing to take   November 18.
                                    on an office on the night if required. Last year he
                 W.Bro Cyril        took on the Treasures role for a year.    The APGM also presented the Lodge with a
                 Mills (PPJGW)                                               Certificate marking the award to it of Vice Patron
                                                                             status  of  the  Festival  2022.  The  Certificate  was
                                                                             received by the WM W.Bro. John Adlam who was
                                                                             newly Installed on the same evening.
       Shoeburyness Lodge 6665
       50 Year Certificate and a Joint Blue Table with
       Thorpe Bay Lodge
                                                         by Richard Jordan

                         Shoeburyness Lodge were delighted to receive W.Bro Tony White
                         Assistant Provincial Grand Master on his first visit, who was able to
                         not only present W.Bro Tony Oliver with his certificate celebrating
                         50 years in Freemasonry, but he also received a donation of £4,000
                         to the Festival 2022.
                         Following the meeting the Brethren of Shoeburyness joined the Brethren of Thorpe Bay Lodge and their APGM W.Bro
                         Nick Franklin for a joint blue table festive board where 121 Brethren and non masons enjoyed a fine festive board and an
                         inspirational talk by ex special forces soldier Jamie Hull. The raffle on the evening raised in excess of £1200 for BLESMA the
                         injured veterans and charity and Shoeburyness got 2 possible candidates and Thorpe Bay 4 so a great evening all round.

        Stondon Massey Lodge                                The United Lodge 697
        Raising & 50 Years W.Bro Peter Roast                50 Years W.Bro Jim Mills

                                                                 .Bro. Tony White APGM recently
                                                            Wattended The United Lodge 697
                                                            to  present  a  50th  certificate  to  W.Bro.
                                                            Jim Mills. The meeting was held on 21st
                                                            November 2018 at St. Giles Masonic
                                                            Centre in Colchester.

          Stondon Massey Lodge 7881 were honoured to receive
          APGM Martin Howse at our November meeting at Harlow.
          He was able to witness the Raising of Bro Connor Barnwell,   William of Colchester Lodge 5255
          the ceremony being conducted by his Uncle, W.Bro Leigh                                  50 Years with
          Barnwell, Connors father W.Bro Mark Barnwell assisted in
          the ceremony with The Exhortation.                                               W.Bro Jack Bookless &
          We were able to put W.Bro Martin to work where he                                    W.Bro Bill McIntyre
          presented  a  50th  Anniversary  Certificate  to  W.Bro                         t  the  Regular  meeting  in
          Peter  Roast  PGStdB.  A  Grand  Lodge  Certificate  was                     ASeptember of the William of
          also explained and presented to Bro Keith Digby. At                          Colchester  Lodge  5255,  W.Bro.
          the conclusion everyone enjoyed a festive board of a                         Nick  Franklin  had  the  delightful
          traditional Christmas dinner.
                                                                                       task   of   presenting   W.Bro.
                                                                                       Jack  Bookless,  and  W.Bro.  Bill
                                                                                       McIntyre with 50 year certificates.
            Celebrate your Lodges Long Serving
             Members - Send a Story & Photo to               This was conducted in a very relaxed and convivial manner, with all
                          three sat in the centre of the Lodge with Jack & Bill recalling events
                                                             during their 50 years of membership, with amazing anamnesis.
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