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                                                          PGM's Foreword

                                                             ay I first of all wish all Essex Brethren and their families a happy and
                                                         Mprosperous New Year.  We have a busy programme in the coming
                                                         year with the prospective consecration of three new lodges.
                                                         We are progressing well with the 2022 Festival and two important events
                                                         at Saxon Hall - the launch of the Members Pathway scheme which was
                                                         on 2nd February and taking place shortly is Conference for all Charity
       4  ProvinciaL newS                                Stewards on 21st March.

                                    This year we are going to try and consolidate our efforts to engage with and support local communities.
                                    To this end I very much support and welcome Masonic Hall open days or other events open to the
       10 Long Service              general public.  We are also in the process of establishing a Provincial Community fund so that we
                                    can, for example, give support to Lodges for local good causes to augment our broader and well
                                    established local charitable giving. You will hear more of these initiatives in the coming months.
       12 HoLy royaL arcH
                                    In the meantime, let us all continue to enjoy our masonry, if you are receiving honours this year, please
                                    consider getting your regalia from Essex Mason.

       15 ProvinciaL Dc corner                                                         Rodney L Bass ProvGM/GSupt

                                    Dear Readers,
       16 cornerStone cLub
                                    Welcome to Issue 85 of Essex Mason, the Official Magazine for the Province of Essex.
                                    This issue features a report on the successful Provincial Grand Chapter Convocation held at Great Queen Street
                                    in September 2018 and a diverse range of interesting articles and topics including various Charity Fundraising
       18  cHarity uPDate
                                    events, New Brethren and Masonic Pride.
                                    Please support the business’s that advertise in the magazine, which subsidises the publication costs and thank you
                                    for all of the articles submitted to be included in this issue which once again was overwhelming.
       22  aDDitionaL orDerS
                                    Please submit articles to be considered for inclusion in Issue 86, which will be circulated in August to
                           with a copy deadline of the 31st July 2019.
       24  aLmoner uPDate           Thank you to the volunteers for their on going support to Essex Mason Ltd. as well as your patronage which is
                                    greatly appreciated and directly benefits Essex Charities.
                                    Essex Mason Editorial Team
       26  eventS
                                                                      Stisted Golf Classic
                                                                      Stisted Golf Classic
                                                                            Braintree Golf Club
                                                                            Braintree Golf Club
       30 generaL intereSt
                                                                         Monday 3rd June 2019
                                                                         Col. Sir Neil Thorne Trophy
        Essex Mason Ltd are looking for additional volunteers                         &
        to supplement the existing team at their shop in          HRH Prince Edward Duke of Kent Trophy
                                                                                   in aid of
        Can you offer a morning or two (9.00 am – 1.00 pm) each week?   Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court & Festival 2022
        If so then we would like you to consider joining us!
                                       Essex Mason
        You will need to be a team player, computer literate and have a   Details From:
                                                            W.Bro Jeff Cripps jeffrey-cripps@sky.comcripps sky.coippsssssssssssssssssssssss@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@sky.
        good sense of humour!                                                                    Teams of 4 Players
                                                            Tel: 01255 427520
        Please contact Graeme Lockwood on 01206 560396 if you would   Mobile: 07504 693874        (max 1 non Mason)
        like further information on this very rewarding role supporting                              £65 per player
        Essex Charities.
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            R.W.Bro. Rodney Lister Bass OBE  W.Bro Peter Low - W.Bro Graeme Lockwood    Peartree Road, Stanway
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