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                                                                       PGM's Foreword

                                                         May I commend to you the importance of using our Essex Mason Shop
                                                         which via the Essex Mason Trust is a registered charity and supports
                                                         our broader Essex charitable efforts on a regular basis.  A full range of
                                                         masonic regalia, cases, jewellery and ritual books are available at the
                                                         shop itself in Colchester or can be purchased online and it is important
                                                         that we support this as all profits go to charity.
       4  ProvinciaL newS           At our forthcoming Provincial Chapter meeting, we will be launching the new Essex Royal Arch tie to
                                    complement that for the Essex Craft.  This attractive new red tie can be worn at any Chapter or Craft
                                    meeting in Essex or when representing the Holy Royal Arch Province of Essex or an Essex Chapter
                                    at a Convocation in another Province.  The only exceptions are that I shall expect the Craft tie (or
       9   Long Service
                                    Grand Lodge or Black tie) to be worn at Provincial Grand Lodge, Essex Masters Lodge, North Essex
                                    Masters Lodge or Essex Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge.  I and the Members of the Royal Arch
                                    Executive will choose to wear the new Royal Arch tie at the Provincial Convocation, at meetings of
       12 HoLy royaL arcH           Essex First Principals Chapter and at meetings of Essex Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter or when
                                    representing Essex at neighbouring Provincial convocations.
                                    The former Essex Provincial tie (the polka dot tie) will no longer be an approved tie as from 1st
       15 ProvinciaL Dc corner      September.
                                    The new tie will available exclusively from Essex Mason as from 1st August and they will have a stall
                                    at Freemasons Hall on 20th September.  All profits from the sale of these ties will go explicitly to the
       16 cornerStone cLub
                                    2022 Festival and the ties may be worn as from 1st September.
                                    Brethren, by now you will have seen the introductory leaflet explaining the new Members’ Pathway
                                    scheme. It provides a structured approach for Lodges to follow in order to attract and encourage
       18  cHarity uPDate
                                    potential new members, while at the same time retaining and adding value to the existing membership.
                                    United Grand Lodge of England have successfully introduced this Pathway into a number of Provinces
       22  SiDe orDerS              and, now that we know it works, I am delighted to announce that this will now be rolled out in the
                                    Province of Essex.
                                    We will be looking for a number of Lodges to volunteer to become an “Essex Pathway Lodge”. More
       24  aLmoner uPDate           information and applications for Lodges to sign up will be available soon.
                                   The scheme will be overseen by the Provincial Membership & Mentoring Teams,
                                   working together as a Pathway Team, and to enable them to meet the challenge
       26  eventS
                                   we are now seeking enthusiastic Brethren to strengthen those respective teams.
                                                                       Rodney L Bass ProvGM/GSupt
                        Essex Mason Ltd
                                                              Dear Reader,
                                                              We do hope that you enjoy reading this ‘new look’ issue of the
            R.W.Bro. Rodney Lister Bass OBE - Provincial Grand Master
                                                              magazine and we would like to thank everyone who sent in
                              Directors                       articles for inclusion, in fact we have had such an overwhelming
                W.Bro Tony White - W.Bro Peter Hollingsworth  amount of copy submitted that we have had to carefully select
                W.Bro Graeme Lockwood - W.Bro David Boylan    what we have been able to include within the limitations of
                   W.Bro Michael Flynn -  W.Bro Jeff Cripps   the  available  space  and  we  apologise  if  your  article  wasn’t
                                                              included in this issue.
                    Essex Mason Magazine
                                                              This issue features a Q&A with Jack Gilliland the Provincial
                                                              Membership  Officer,  which  gives  an  interesting  insight  into
                            Editorial Team
                                                              the work of the PMO and his team and the success that the
         W.Bro Peter Low - W.Bro Graeme Lockwood - W.Bro David Boylan
                                                              Province has enjoyed with the number of new brethren joining
                             Advertising                      Essex Lodges which has arrested the decline in membership
                For all enquiries regarding advertising contact   numbers.
              W.Bro Michael Flynn 01206 242191 or 07968 137057
                              Website                         This is your magazine and we would be delighted to receive
                  W.Bro David Boylan - W.Bro Paul Masters     your feedback and comments on how the magazine can be
                                                              improved or what would like to see featured in future issues of
                  Essex Mason Shop & Registered Office
                                                              the magazine.
               Unit 17 Peartree Business Centre, Peartree Road,
                      Stanway Colchester CO3 0JN
                                                              Finally we would like to thank Roger Wacy for his valuable
                           Tel: 01206 560396
                                                              contribution and exceptional support over the years as Editor
                                and publisher of the Essex Mason Magazine.

                          OPENING HOURS                       The Essex Mason Team.
                     Monday to Saturday 9am to 1pm
                       Closed on Saturdays June to August
                 All Essex Mason staff are unpaid volunteers  Feedback & Articles               General Enquiries
               Every penny of profit is donated to Essex charities
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